My Name Is... Bill Adams

Software engineer, harmonica player, hard-core Jeeper


Have software engineering skills, will travel

I’m retired Air Force. I’m originally from Detroit. I’ve been in Colorado since 1990. Before that I was on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, and before that was Oklahoma, at Tinker Air Force Base.

I’m a software engineer by trade. I’ve been one since I was 20 years old. It’s a hard field to keep up with. There’s changes every year.

I’m program manager and chief of agile development for a company called MeteoStar, which makes weather monitoring systems. I run two teams of software engineers. We’re watching hurricanes today, because I work with a bunch of meteorologists. We’re excited about the new GOES-16 satellite up there, because it’s giving us fantastic images of Hurricane Irma.

I’m married for the second time, to a tall beautiful redhead. I love her to death.

Jeep fanatic

I’m a member of just about every Jeep club in town, like Mile-Hi Jeep Club and Colorado 4x4 RnR.

I had two friends from Germany who came in recently, and I took them Jeeping up the T-33 trail up northwest of Lyons. We ended up in Estes Park.

Wheeler Lake is probably my favorite Jeep trail. It’s a mile south of Hoosier Pass south of Breckenridge. It’s rated at 7, so it’s hard but not ridiculously hard. I did Holy Cross this year too.

Black Bear Pass isn’t hard, it’s just scary because it’s a shelf road. I’ve done Santa Fe Peak, which has 27 switchbacks up and back.

My wife doesn’t Jeep with me much. She doesn’t like all the bouncing.

I turn the radio off when I’m out Jeeping. I want to hear if someone’s calling out warnings to me.

Music man

If I am listening to music, it’s usually blues, Tool or Led Zeppelin.

I’m a student of the harmonica — I take lessons from Clay Kirkland up at Swallow Hill Music.

I’ve got two kids. My son just turned 19 two weeks ago. He’s a Jeeper too. My daughter’s 15 and she’s getting ready to get her driver’s license. She likes to go Jeeping with me.

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