Carol Brzeczek, At-Large candidate for Littleton City Council


Carol Brzeczek (pronounced “breezek”) has lived in Littleton for 54 years. She is the owner of Sheets Unlimited, and was previously a bookkeeper. She holds an associate’s degree in accounting, and served on the Littleton Board of Education from 1993-1997. Brzeczek serves on the city’s LIFT board.


Why do you want to serve on the Littleton City Council?

I have been attending council meetings for years, writing citizen minutes for years, and reporting on local issues for years and believe that I am well prepared to represent citizens.

What would your approach be to managing growth and development in the city, if elected?

Council needs to engage the community in a citywide conversation about what is important for each of their neighborhoods to protect, to maintain, and become. This does not happen overnight but I believe when citizens are meaningfully engaged the results will be a framework for a new Complan. Once the Complan is ready, our zoning code will need to be updated to reflect and protect the integrity of the Complan.

Amid rising housing prices, what can city council do to ensure young families are not priced out of the city?

Sometimes government doesn’t have the answers to our problems. The answers may come from bankers offering low-interest rate loans and developers including a percentage of affordable units their projects. As long as people purchase/rent the luxury products being built today we may not see an end to the problem soon. That being said, we have four young families that have moved into our neighborhood so some are finding a way.

What can city council to do improve traffic flow in Littleton?

Littleton needs a transportation plan. Right now when a project is being considered for approval a traffic study is required but because we have no standards the traffic study is just that — a study. We need standards that will protect the citizens that are living here — without protection new developments impact our quality of life in a negative way and it is unacceptable.

What two issues need more attention than the current city council has given them?

Most everyone wants to preserve and protect Littleton’s small town character and feel yet we see it disappearing because we have not defined just what we mean by those terms. We can’t protect what we haven’t defined. 

Redevelopment — Littleton’s future will be about redevelopment and we need to be prepared for what that means in our established neighborhoods. We have a glimpse of what it can be with The Grove. As part of the Complan update process we need to talk about what can and/or shouldn’t be allowed in our neighborhoods.

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