'Coach' to challenge Cernanec in District 3

Steve Esses seeks to preserve city character


Longtime Littleton resident Steve Esses is running for city council, challenging incumbent Phil Cernanec for the District 3 seat.

Esses, 64, said he's running for a range of reasons.

“Keep the city as Littleton as we know it,” Esses said. “Be more conservative with the budget. No growth without adequate studies. I don't like what they're doing to the older homes in the downtown area. We're losing history there.”

Esses said he's interested in maintaining personal liberties.

“This isn't Boulder. The smoking ban (on Main Street) is taking people's freedoms. People live on that street. If they smoke, let them smoke.”

Esses is originally from Brooklyn, and moved to Colorado in 1971 to attend Colorado State University. He holds a degree in environmental health, and worked in public health for the City and County of Denver for 30 years. He moved to Littleton in 1984. He retired three years ago following a bout of ill health. His wife of 36 years passed away about the same time.

Esses has two children, one with a master's degree and another with a Ph.D. Both are Heritage High School graduates.

Esses has long been involved in softball, often as an umpire or scorekeeper for bar teams.

“It gets the guys off the poker table,” said Esses, whose nickname is “Coach.”

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