My name is...Don Woolfolk

Runner, data guru, single dad


Fatherhood and data

I’m a single dad. I’ve lived here for nine years, and I love the community. I’m a rare Colorado native. I grew up by Stapleton Airport.

I work at Arrow Electronics. I’m a data guy. I get to play Legos with data. Honestly, it’s pretty boring — I take data from one place and magically move it somewhere else.

The company’s like the Amazon of components. Any part in the world you want, you can order it.

‘Try anything once’

I’ll try anything once. I’ve been a crossing guard at my daughter’s school, I’ll run an obstacle course, I’ll play chess with the person down the street.

My daughter tries to get me to buy her a pet every week. She’s in Peak Athletics, we go to rec centers all the time. I’m in Toastmasters. I do so many different things — I did Tough Mudder this year. I’m pretty active, and I work out a lot. I’ve run around the perimeter of Highlands Ranch three times this year alone, just to see if I could do it. I do a lot, but I feel boring right now.

Sink or swim

The coolest thing I’ve ever done, besides having my daughter, is that I’ve jumped into a creek twice. That’s crazy because I can’t swim. I live my life that way. I’ve swum before, but there was a lifeguard to save me. Not this time. Luckily for me, and for my daughter, I survived.

I’m active on Nextdoor. I find a lot of stuff on there. I’m 41, and my daughter’s 8. She’ll be turning 9 in two weeks.

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