Letter to the editor: Let's vote for progress in city council election


Littleton voters have the opportunity in the upcoming city council election to demonstrate their faith in the future, by electing new council members who will bring progress to our cherished small town.

We want council members who will address issues like the need for a downtown parking structure, resolve the fire dispatch and consolidation issues, and work toward business and housing expansion. Business has grown in Littleton in spite of the city, not because of it. Isn't it telling that two competent city council members chose not to run again? Has the negative attitude and ineptitude of some of their fellow council members simply worn them down?

I won't be wasting my vote on Doug Clark and Carol Brzeczek, the naysayers on the ballot. Their sole interest is in preserving the status quo as the "status no." And both are associated with the "Sunshine" group - a clique of self-styled "watchdogs" whose wish is that Littleton instantly revert back to 1954.

Littleton can attract young families and support thriving retail and employment. We can portray our city as foresightful, open to change, and still full of wholesome, historic character. We simply need courageous, excited and positive thinking city council members to accept and follow that challenge.

Pete Webb

Littleton resident,
Licensing Authority member

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