Letter to the editor: Not the right way


Referring to ballot measures 4B and 4C, though each has many admirable points to it, all of which I support, each measure has an open ended provision. In 4B, the 1 mill property levy and the 2 mill property tax levy are to "be extended in all future years," and in 4C, the debt service levy of 1.163 mills "may be increased if necessary annually without limitation as to rate."

It was also disappointing to find no comments against either measure in the Analysis of 2017 Ballot Proposals booklet, from which the above quotes came.

While I am in favor of the complete repeal of TABOR, I think a democratic representative government, at all levels, needs to make sure its officials seek monetary increases in a consistent manner, not just a one-time vote with such a decision going on forever, and so I will vote no on each one.

Ken Valero


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