Letter to the editor: Support Schlachter and Elrod


We moved to Littleton in 1984 and raised our family here. Our kids graduated from Littleton Public Schools and learned to swim at the Littleton YMCA. Don worked for a Littleton company near downtown for over 25 years. Don served as the chair of the Whitman Elementary Accountability Committee, while Amy served as PTO chair at Whitman Elementary and chair of the PTO Presidents Council and served on Littleton's Planning Commission and City Council.

Littleton is a great place to work, raise a family, and is a great place to live. However, there have been dark times in recent Littleton history, one of which was the "Back to Basics" takeover of the Littleton School Board in the 1990s. Carol Brzeczek was one of the ringleaders of the takeover that included a narrow, polarizing agenda and general disdain for Littleton teachers. One impact of Back to Basics was a "brain drain" of good teachers and staff out of the district.

Now Ms. Brzeczek is running for Littleton City Council with a similar narrow, polarizing agenda that includes general disdain for Littleton city staff. Littleton is too nice a place for more of Ms. Brzeczek's games. We urge voters to vote for Kyle Schlachter and Karina Elrod for Littleton City Council at-large. And, we urge all the people who remember the dark times of Back to Basics in LPS and Ms. Brzeczek's more recent antics to share their stories.

Amy and Don Conklin


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