Letter to the editor: Support South Suburban


I hope that voters in the South Suburban Parks and Recreation District will join me and many others in supporting ballot issues 4B and 4C. When our family moved into the district 36 years ago we had no idea what to expect from this "Award Winning Park and Recreation District" that was touted so heavily by our Realtor. Over those years we have come to appreciate and utilize most of those amenities so highly prized by the residents and businesses. South Suburban has helped nurture our kids, impress our guests and provide an important element of the wonderful life we live here in the area. The district's services and facilities have helped us move from parents with kids in multiple programs to seniors that have the opportunity to walk the trails, play golf, and take classes to help make our later years enjoyable. 

The multiple gold medals awarded to the district have been recognition of superior services, planning, projects and management. A yes vote on 4B and 4C will allow South Suburban to continue to maintain our outstanding amenities and services, recondition existing facilities and construct new additions. Success in this election will help the district address the recreational needs of our community and maintain our  wonderful quality of life.

Vote yes on 4B and 4C!

Jim Ryan


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