Letter to the editor: The rest of the story


Mike Coffman in his guest column regarding tax reform (Dec. 7) failed to provide readers with the complete description of the proposal. He did not mention that the Affordable Care Act will be effectively discontinued, replaced by nothing. So up to 13 million people will be left without health insurance, many of them residing in his congressional district. It's also likely that those already with health insurance will receive an increase on their premium.

The richest people in our country, the top 1 percent, will receive a tax decrease.

These are the people who fund Mr. Coffman's campaign. This tax decrease will cause our nation's deficit to rise to a dangerous level. The Republican Party does not like deficits. Therefore, they are considering the elimination of Medicare and Medicaid. These are programs, they say, America does not need.

There's nothing like Americans helping Americans. This tax bill helps the rich at the expense of the poor. Let's write a tax bill that benefits us all.

David Eberhard


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