Letter to the editor: Time for change on council


I take city council elections very seriously, but I actually laughed out loud when I saw a postcard from the triumvirate of council candidates Brzerczek, Clark and Fey urging voters to "Clean up the Swamp" (excuse me, "Mess") on the Littleton City Council.

What made it so funny is that Brzerczek and Clark have been leading the council by the nose for many years, resulting in the very mess they say they now want to clean up.

After 12 years of Clark's "leadership" and Brzeczek's behind-the-scenes manipulations, the atmosphere on council is as toxic and regressive as the atmosphere in our nation's capital.

It's time for new, positive blood on council. I urge your vote for at-large candidates Kyle Schlachter and Karina Elrod.

Susan Thornton

Former mayor of Littleton

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