Letter to the editor: Vote for Brzeczek for council


I support Carol Brzeczek for the Littleton At-Large Council seat in the upcoming all mail-in municipal election.

Carol has a massive list of endorsements from community leaders, local friends and neighbors. People who live in Littleton. Be wary of candidates who are supported by city employee unions and special interest groups. Their interest may not be aligned with your interest. It reminds me of the fox in the hen house.

Carol has the experience and energy to lead Littleton over the next few years. She will fight to preserve and protect the neighborhoods, to keep what makes Littleton special. She will not support the latest and greatest growth fad of high-density, low-quality, tax-supported development that is engulfing the metro area. 

Carol knows the value of our community with a small hometown feel of charm and character. It is why we choose to live in Littleton.

Please join me in voting for Carol.

Susan Beckman

Littleton (state representative for House District 38)

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