Letter to the editor: Vote yes on 4B and 4C


On our mail ballots arriving this week, South Suburban Park and Recreation District residents will have the opportunity to ensure the future high quality of our district's amenities through extending our existing property taxes, by voting yes to Ballot Issues 4B and 4C.

Issue 4B focuses on the maintenance and preservation of existing assets, while 4C focuses on providing future major upgrades and additional amenities for residents of all ages.  A YES vote on both issues also will improve energy and water efficiency in our parks, fields and facilities.

You can learn more about 4B and 4C at www.yeson4band4c.com and at facebook.com/4Band4C. Additional information about these two ballot issues also can be found in Arapahoe County's "blue book" (which is white) on pages 13-16, recently mailed to all registered voters. 

Several weeks ago on one of our daily autumn walks along South Suburban's beautiful sunlit trails and parks, our house guests from hurricane-impacted Florida commented "How lucky you are to have so much open land and so many parks and trails!  Do you ever take this all for granted?"  No, I never do. None of us should!

Please continue to invest in our community's health and home values and in our priceless open spaces, parks, trails and many other recreational amenities, now and for future generations - without increasing taxes - by extending the South Suburban property taxes we currently pay. Vote yes on Ballot Issues 4B and 4C.

Sue Rosser,


(former member of the South Suburban board of directors)

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