Savory Spice Shop offers seasoning's greetings

Littleton store touts freshness of its products

Jenny Goetz helps spice up Downtown Littleton as the manager of Savory Spice Shop.
Jenny Goetz helps spice up Downtown Littleton as the manager of Savory Spice Shop.
David Gilbert

Looking to spice up your holiday?

Manager Jenny Goetz of the Savory Spice Shop, 2650 W. Main St., Littleton, told us how to add seasoning to the season.

Tell us about Savory Spice Shop.

We're a retail culinary spice shop. We have about 400 products, and about 170 of them are unique blends that we've created. The rest are herbs and spices. We go down to little amounts for people who need a pinch for a recipe, to businesses who get pounds and pounds so they can make their recipes every night.

Why not go to King Soopers for spices?

We have the freshest available spices. We grind and blend on a weekly basis, and we do small batches. There's no real FDA certification for the freshness of herbs, and you won't find expiration dates on the items at King Soopers. We believe that spices only retain their freshness for about a year, so that's what we're trying to get into your hands.

What surprises people?

That we're often less expensive than the grocery store. We're able to go through so few hands between our distributor and us. People are blown away when they have paprika and garlic that are actually fresh. I've had people say to me that paprika is only for color, and I say wait until you've smelled ours. It's shocking to people. Our cinnamon is our best seller, because people can smell the difference.

What are some of the unusual items you'll find?

We get a lot of calls from people looking for something really particular. One of our crazier ones is asafetida, which is an Indian spice with a real garlicky taste. It's also called for in some Ethiopian and Indian recipes. People wonder where they'll find it, and the answer is here. We have some of the other real exotics: tamarind, black mustard, fenugreek. Things you won't find elsewhere.

What do you recommend for people who don't know what to buy?

We have informational books, but check out our website. You can either start with a spice and find a recipe, or start with a recipe and find a spice. Or just ask one of us — we love talking spice.

How did you end up here?

I dropped out of college and cold called until I found a job. I started in Bend, Oregon, and when I moved here, they offered me a manager job. Spices take my cooking to the next level. When I started, I was a college kid who just cooked chicken and potatoes, and through Savory I learned how to make chicken and potatoes taste hundreds of different ways.

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